Marin Carbon Project (MCP)last updated: April 2014

In response to the rapid pace of global climate change, the Marin Carbon Project (MCP) seeks to enhance carbon sequestration in rangeland, agricultural, and forest soils through applied research, demonstration and implementation.

Our vision is for landowners and land managers of agricultural ecosystems to serve as stewards of soil health and to undertake carbon farming in a manner that can improve on-farm productivity and viability, enhance ecosystem functions, and stop and reverse climate change.

Carbon Farm Plans

The Implementation Task Force will use and augment established NRCS planning processes to create and implement farm-scale greenhouse gas (GHG) plans, or Carbon Farm Action Plans. These plans will assess farm system-level carbon sequestration enhancement potential, using USDA COMET-Farm to evaluate the potential impacts of selected NRCS and other conservation practices to on-farm terrestrial carbon stocks.

Because Marin’s farms are predominantly grass-based livestock and dairy ranches, we expect to focus on grazed grassland systems. At the same time, because Marin’s farms and ranches tend to be spatially extensive within a topographically diverse landscape, and because we expect to include afforestation and riparian restoration as carbon sequestration strategies where appropriate, we anticipate addressing hardwood rangelands (aka woodlands), agroforestry, and riparian systems, as well as grasslands, in our plans.  Arable systems may also be considered, particularly where they occur as a component within a more typical Marin rangeland agroecosystem.  Hedgerows, windbreaks, and riparian buffers will all be considered under the carbon farm planning process, and implemented as appropriate within each farm system.

Contact Marin Carbon Project (MCP)

Contact Marin Carbon Project (MCP)

Torri Estrada
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Point Reyes Station, California  94956
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