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Maine Energy Systems’ (MESys) primary mission is to support a transition to the use of renewable wood pellet fuel for heating of homes and businesses. By offering stably priced carbon neutral of heat and energy like wood pellets, MESys will keep home and business owners comfortable with their heat and comfortable in the knowledge that they are being good stewards of our environment. This fuel transition will not only lower costs for users in the long run, it will also help retain and create jobs in the region while significantly reducing the region’s carbon footprint.
MESys was the outcome of a series of informal seminars organized by Les Otten in 2007. Les had decided it was time to use his energy and creativity in support of the economy of the State of Maine and he wanted to focus on energy. He assembled a group of people with similar interests and invited experts in various fields of energy to biweekly meetings. The meetings were broadly focused to allow for highly speculative thinking about Maine's economy and energy usage.
Les and his group identified a number of ways in which improving energy production and usage in Maine would help the citizens and the economy of Maine. After months of meeting, the group settled on a comprehensive solution that appeared to be the most likely to have an immediate positive impact on the lives of Maine citizens and the economy of the State. The solution is based on the conversion of a significant proportion of the central home heating systems in Maine from oil to wood pellet fuel. The conversion to wood pellet fuel will cut heating costs in homes and businesses substantially. The production of the fuel from Maine forests will employ many Maine workers and most importantly will keep the money spent on home heating in the State rather than sending it to the Middle East. The conversion to a renewable carbon neutral fuel will have a positive impact on the environment through a substantial reduction in the production of greenhouse gases.
To implement the solution, Les Otten, "Dutch" Dresser, and Bill Strauss formed Maine Energy Systems, LLC with the goal of bringing these benefits to homeowners and small businesses. MESys offers a complete wood pellet fired central home heating system and guaranteed fuel delivery as well as comprehensive annual maintenance.
Automated wood pellet fired central home heating systems are very common in Western Europe. For example, 76% of the new homes constructed in Austria in 2006 were built with pellet fueled boilers rather than oil fueled systems. MESys offers a range of boilers all based on proven European technology. The MESys systems have long maintenance cycles running for months with very little attention. The home or business owner has only to set the thermostat and enjoy a warm home, hot water, and a reduced heating fuel bill. As an important added benefit, the owner of an average sized home will have a carbon footprint reduction of about 16 tons per year.

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