MDWFP Waterfowl Programlast updated: October 2012
The MDWFP Waterfowl Program is dedicated to improving waterfowl habitat and hunting opportunities on public and private lands throughout Mississippi. We offer free technical guidance on private lands for landowners that are interested in help with wetland management and attracting waterfowl. We will provide recommendations on waterfowl habitat improvements, water control, plant identification and control, and even waterfowl hunting management. Our other responsibilities include waterfowl habitat management recommendations on WMAs, avian influenza testing, flying aerial surveys, wood duck banding, and representing the interests of Mississippi sportsmen on flyway and national committees.
If you need assistance with managing your wetlands for waterfowl or answering questions about migratory game birds, we would be glad to help you.
Alternate Contact:
James Callicutt
Migratory Game Bird Biologist
(601) 432-2079

Contact MDWFP Waterfowl Program

Contact MDWFP Waterfowl Program

Houston Havens
Migratory Game Bird Biologist
1505 Eastover Dr.
Jackson, Mississippi  39211
Phone: (601) 432-2202
Cell Phone: (662) 299-0273


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