Louisiana's Certified Prescribed Burner Programlast updated: December 2014

In 1993 the Louisiana Legislature passed Act # 589 authorizing the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry (LDAF) to implement and administer the Louisiana Certified Prescribed Burner program.
Prior to this law anyone conducting a prescribed burn was, based on state law, involved in a “inherently hazardous activity” and as such if any damage could be linked to the burn the burner was automatically at fault and liable for said damages. Act # 589 identifies and defines a Certified Prescribed Burner and instructs LDAF to conduct the needed training for burners to meet the standards for identification as a Certified Prescribed Burner. The Act further stipulates that Certified Prescribed Burners are held to the same standards of proof of negligence in court as any other professional.
In order to meet the standards for identification as a Certified Prescribed Burner an individual must:

  • Have received either formal or “on the job” training in prescribed burning
  • Conducted five burns as the supervising professional
  • Burn with a written Prescribed Burn Plan
  • Adhere to all Louisiana Voluntary Smoke Management Guidelines and Voluntary Best  Management Practice Guidelines.
  • Meet the Louisiana Notification of Burn directives
  • Attend a one day Certified Prescribed Burner Course and successfully pass all exams with a score of 70% or higher.

The course is taught by LDAF and offered at least twice a year at the LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources at Baton Rouge and the La Tech School of Forestry at Ruston.
Prescribed Burn Plan

Contact Louisiana's Certified Prescribed Burner Program

Contact Louisiana's Certified Prescribed Burner Program

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Forest Protection Chief - LDAF
P.O. Box 1628
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70821
Phone: 225-925-4500
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