Louisiana Purchase Cypress Legacylast updated: July 2014

Our purpose: to inventory, landmark, and promote the stewardship of cypress trees in Louisiana that are over 200 years old--alive at the time of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

This is a volunteer campaign to identify and landmark cypress trees (the Louisiana State tree) that are at least 200 years old--alive at the time of the Louisiana Purchase.

LPCL Objectives

  • Greater awareness and appreciation of the presence of old growth cypress in Louisiana wetlands and other habitats
  • Conservation of old growth habitat
  • Encouragement of wetland and habitat stewardship that promotes a continued long-life for these majestic "Louisiana Purchase Trees"
  • Recreational/Eco-tourism visits to view " Louisiana Purchase Trees"
  • Educational-role of cypress in history of Louisiana (logging, construction, building of New Orleans); ecological issues and challenges facing old growth habitat -- for example, logging for cypress mulch

Contact Louisiana Purchase Cypress Legacy

Contact Louisiana Purchase Cypress Legacy

Harvey Stern
740 7th Street
New Orleans, Louisiana  70115
Phone: 504-891-7116


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Louisiana

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