Linn County SWCDlast updated: November 2008

Mission: The Linn Soil and Water Conservation District promotes the protection, maintenance, improvemnent, and wise use of the soil and water within Linn County.

Land in Linn County ranges from flat with drainage problems to very steep with severe erosion and gullies. According to the Linn County Soil Survey, there are 176 soil types in the county, more than any county in Iowa. Soils range from heavy clay, too impervious to drain, to coarse sand and gravel. Linn County has more sandy soil than any county in Iowa. This creates a serious hazard for wind erosion. About 16 percent of the land has limestone bedrock at shallow (0 to 15 feet) depth. The range is from being found on the surface to being over 200 feet in depth. Shallow limestone has created serious problems with the ground water contamination. Karst topography and sinkholes in some areas of Linn County are causing deteriorating ground water quality. Intensive cropping on moderate slopes creates serious soil erosion hazards for much of Linn County's cropland.


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Kellie Arduser
IDALS - Division of Soil Conservation District Secretary
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