Laurel A. Florio, J.D.

Laurel A. Florio is an attorney/consultant primarily working with land transactions and conservation easements. Mrs. Florio began applying her legal real estate skills to land conservation during the late 1980s while on staff with the Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife. From there, she became the land protection attorney for Ducks Unlimited, Inc., where she was on staff for 6 years. She is now a member of the Land Trust Alliance’s Land Conservation Leadership Program Faculty, speaks annually at the LTA National Rally, conducts seminars and training sessions for the LTA and other entities, as well as acts as a consultant to LTA, land trusts, landowners, governmental and other non-profit organizations around the country. She has written several articles on conservation easements for different publications such as the LTA quarterly Exchange and the publication of the Mississippi Forestry Association, Tree Talk.

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Conservation Easements – The Latest Tool in the Protection of Lands and Landscapes in the Mississippi Delta

Conservation easements have been utilized as a primary tool for land protection in the United States for approximately thirty years. The movement started in the Northeastern part of the country and has slowly, but steadily, made its way to the Southeast; the Mississippi Alluvial Valley to be specific. In the past 10 years, Ducks Unlimited, Inc. has had the opportunity to protect approximately 130,000 acres of forest, farm and recreational land under its Conservation Easement Program.

Article Published in Tree Talk (Official Publication of the Mississippi Forestry Association, Inc.) Fall 2001