Laura Alber, MFlast updated: February 2016
  • Sudden Oak Death Syndrome - diagnosis & treatment
  • Insect / Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Integrated Pest Management (targeted treatment protocols utilizing organic and least toxic methods) 
  • Tree / Landscape Assessment (condition)
  • Construction Impact Mitigation
  • Tree Risk Assessment and Failure Investigation
  • Landscape Installation / Establishment - causes of plant decline/death in landscape plant / tree installations
  • Specialties: Tree & Landscape Pesticide Use (organic / IPM),
  • Investigator - Pesticide Best Management Practices - damage/inappropriate applications,
  • Tree Failure Analysis, Landscape Installation/Maint. Practices - decline/death of landscape planting/plants,
  • Utility Forestry - BMP and Fire Investigation

Contact Laura Alber, MF

Contact Laura Alber, MF

Urban Forest Consulting
Forester/Integrated Pest Management Expert
4316 Everett Ave
Oakland, California  94602
Phone: (510) 482-8478


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Statewide service provider in:
  • California

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