Harney County Sage Grouse CCAA

The Harney County Soil and Water Conservation District entered into a programmatic Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances (CCAA) with the US Fish and Wildlife Service. The purpose of this CCAA is to maintain and/or improve greater sage-grouse habitat while contributing to the economic sustainability of landowners and maintaining the ranching culture and agricultural way of life in Harney County.

This agreement recognizes that ranching operations in Harney County have contributed to the well-being of greater sage-grouse by providing large areas of continuous, high quality habitat on both private and public lands. In addition, the continued sustainability of these operations is a primary means of preventing further habitat fragmentation and loss. This CCAA provides landowners assurances that ranch and land management practices can continue in the event sage-grouse is listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), while also identifying opportunities to provide additional benefits by reducing or removing existing threats to sage-grouse.

A CCAA is a voluntary agreement whereby landowners agree to manage their lands to remove or reduce threats to a species that may become listed under the ESA. In return for managing their lands to the benefit of a species at risk, landowners receive assurances against additional regulatory requirements should that species ever be listed under the ESA. The programmatic design of this agreement, its “umbrella” nature, streamlines the process for landowner enrollment, as follows:

  • Under a programmatic CCAA, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) will issue Harney Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) an Enhancement of Survival (EOS) permit for a period of 30 years.
  • The SWCD, in coordination with the FWS and other partners, will then work with willing landowners to develop a Site Specific Plan (SSP) for each landowner/parcel, and issue a Certificate of Inclusion (CI) for coverage under the EOS permit.
  • Landowners wishing to enroll in this CCAA must agree to maintain contiguous habitat by avoiding further fragmentation and address all other threats to sage-grouse and their habitats within their control with one or more Conservation Measures (CMs), by doing this the enrolled lands will meet the “CCAA Standard”. A CM is defined as an activity or action which, when implemented or continues to be implemented, will reduce or remove threats to sage-grouse and will improve or maintain their habitat.

CCAA document [PDF]

March 2012 Brochure [PDF]

CCAA Contacts:

Angela Sitz (FWS): 541- 312-6433,
Renee’ Buermann- 541-589-3458,
Zola Ryan- 541-573-7252
Tom Sharp- 541-589-3317

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Harney County Soil and Water Conservation District
530 Hwy 20 South
PO Box 848
Hines, Oregon  97738
Phone: (541)573-5010


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