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The Groundswell Center for Local Food & Farming is an agriculture education nonprofit based in Ithaca, NY, operating under the Center for Transformative Action and EcoVillage at Ithaca and serving the broader Finger Lakes area. Our core work is nurturing the next generation of farmers and cultivating knowledgeable “food citizens” through experience based educational programs. We inspire people and promote positive change in collaboration with, and with support from diverse donors, experienced area farmers, local educational institutions, granting agencies, a broad range of non-profit and for-profit organizations, and the efforts of dedicated volunteers.
Our Vision:
We envision a Finger Lakes region that has a well-developed food and agriculture system comprised of many locally-owned and operated small and mid-sized farms, farm support businesses, processing firms, and distribution organizations. We envision that all community members have access to healthful and affordable regional agricultural products including food, fiber, energy, medicines, and building materials. Opportunities to become farmers are available to all, and farmers have the skills and resources, including land and a supportive community, to be successful. Our vibrant regional food system protects the gifts of clean air, water, land, life, and natural resources, and provides diverse entrepreneurial opportunities for those who were once most economically insecure in our communities.
Our Values:
  • Opportunities for people to enter, develop, and find success in enterprises related to agriculture and food.
  • People making good lives and livelihoods from their work in agriculture and food.
  • People in our community having access to safe, healthful and culturally appropriate foods.
  • Producing, processing, and distributing food and other agricultural products in ways that benefit local ecosystems and human communities and contribute to their resilience and sustainable futures.
  • Inclusiveness and fairness in agricultural and food system opportunities, including ownership of productive assets, and returns on efforts expended.
  • Full economic and civic participation of marginalized communities and individuals in the food and agriculture system.
  • Open and democratic deliberation of issues and transparent decision-making processes in which people have a fair say in the decisions affecting them.
  • Responsible citizenship through which people actively participate in the affairs of our local community and contribute to its welfare.
About Groundswell's Programs
Current programs include  the Sustainable Farming Certificate Program, the Finger Lakes Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training, the Farm Business Planning Course, and the Ithaca Crop Mob. We have also launched the Groundswell Farm Enterprise Incubator this season.
About EcoVillage and West Haven Farm
FieldHighTunnelGroundswell’s main campus is West Haven Farm, an independently owned CSA farm located at EcoVillage Ithaca. EcoVillage is one of the nation’s first ecological co-housing communities and a global pioneer in sustainability education. Groundswell programs build on over a decade of experience in sustainable living and sustainable agriculture at EcoVillage and West Haven Farm. In addition, Kingbird Farm in Berkshire, Northland Sheep Dairy in Marathon, Sweet Land Farm and Remembrance Farm in Trumansburg, The Good Life Farm in Interlaken, Oechsner Farm in Newfield, and other local farms and food businesses are part of Groundswell’s “campus without walls.”

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Contact Groundswell Center for Local Food and Farming

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