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The Gloucester Soil Conservation District is a political subdivision of the State of New Jersey. The District is governed by a Board of Supervisors that are nominated locally and appointed by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, State Soil Conservation Committee. All members of the Board of Supervisors serve as volunteers.

Soil Conservation Districts were formed back in the 1930's when national attention was focused on the devastating effects of the Dust Bowl. The problems associated with the Dust Bowl were due primarily to poor land management practices that resulted in mounting soil erosion, floods, and sky-blackening dust storms that swept across the nation.

Due to the Dust Bowl effects, public opinion was aroused. As a result in 1935, Congress passed Public Law 46 that declared soil and water conservation and wise land use a national policy. In 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote too all governors, recommending state legislation allowing landowners to form soil and water conservation districts. These district would provide the opportunity for informed participation and cooperation of local citizens.

As a result of President Roosevelt's recommendation, soil conservation districts were created in New Jersey under the provisions of the Soil Conservation Act of 1937.

From 1939 until 1952, Gloucester County was part of the South Jersey Soil Conservation District. In 1952, the Gloucester County separated from the South Jersey Soil Conservation District and formed the Gloucester County Soil Conservation District.

In the 1930's the challenge facing the newly formed soil conservation districts was to promote soil conservation. Today, soil conservation districts are facing a new challenge, the challenge of promoting RESOURCE CONSERVATION.

Contact Gloucester County SCD

Contact Gloucester County SCD

Victor P. De Vasto
District Manager
14 Parke Place Boulevard
Suite C
Sewell, New Jersey  08080-2662
Phone: (856) 589-5250
Fax: (856) 256-0488


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