GRUB Chico

GRUB has been an ever evolving, morphing, exciting,  and inspiring combination of projects, farms, and community, all located in Chico, CA.

What does the GRUB Cooperative do?

Collectively we purchase food from farmers markets and local businesses that we are not currently producing and processing on our land or in our home. We also pay into a project fund. We decide, based on consensus, how to allocate these funds towards a land, animal or house projects, which originates through a formal proposal.

Besides pooling our financial resources, we pool our labor to work collectively on projects in the house and on the land. A good example is relocating our chicken tractors and harvesting or weeding the house garden.

How does the GRUB Cooperative work?


All of us have a weekly rotating chore that involves caring for the house, land and animals.

Cooking and Cleaning

There is a fixed cooking and dishes chore which tend to switch up when the seasons change. Dinner meals are prepared Sunday through Thursday by a team of either two or three. Breakfasts and lunches can be collective efforts based on people’s schedules. Sometimes we do what we can to get out the door, and at others we can check-in that day and plan a meal to feed all parties..

Food Mission

We also contribute monthly to our group food fund. Some of the food we bring into the house comes from our CSA share, our house garden, the Saturday Farmer’s Market, and from other local sources.

Guidelines for purchasing local foods include items coming no more than 100 miles away (close enough so we can pedal to visit and get to know our farmers), although preferably we want to support growers within city limits whom utilize organically sustainable methods, and from small-scale family local farms. The food we buy also has to have a story that is written up and placed into a binder of food stories. An item may be added or removed from the food list through house consensus at any time through the use of a proposal and the structure of a house business meeting.

Locally loved and delightfully delicious. Milled by hand, pedaled by foot. Melting and nutritious, homemade and spicy. Colorful yet simple. An agreed staple; organic and unprocessed. Given and shared; foraged and gathered. Nourishing healthy life energy for the future regeneration of this generation. Taking comfort in a core of circular community uniting valued native traditions with resourceful bellies and finding a place to find enough. Most of all, who we are.


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Contact GRUB Chico

Lee Callender
1525 Dayton Road
Chico, California  95928
Phone: 530-588-0756
Cell Phone: 530-680-4543


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