Forestry Carbon Emission Offset Programlast updated: January 2009

CCX has been a leader and innovator in developing simple, standardized rules for issuing Carbon Financial Instrument® (CFI™) contracts for forest carbon sequestration.  Eligible projects on CCX may exist under all four of the mitigation measures outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): 

  • Maintaining or increasing forest area: reducing deforestation and degradation
  • Maintaining or increasing forest area: afforestation / reforestation
  • Forest management to increase stand- and landscape-level carbon density
  • Increasing off-site carbon stocks in wood products and enhancing product and fuel substitution

All managed forest offset projects and afforestation projects that do not utilize the carbon accumulation tables must obtain project approval of the CCX Forestry Committee. 

CCX Forest Carbon Offset Project Categories 


  • Afforestation: the planting of new forests on lands, which historically, have not contained forests.

  • Long-Lived Wood: harvested wood that has existed for long period of time, in which it has served as a carbon sink.  
  • Managed Forest Projects: projects that sustainably manage forests such that their growth in carbon stocks exceeds their harvest.

In addition, CCX has developed rules for offset issuance for widely-spaced tree plant and forest conservation that is combined with afforestation.  Please refer to the Chapter 9 of the CCX rulebook for further information.


Contact Forestry Carbon Emission Offset Program

Contact Forestry Carbon Emission Offset Program

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