Feather River Wildlife Area - Sutter & Yuba Countieslast updated: July 2013
Location:Area Regulations:
  • No rifles or pistols may be used or possessed.
  • Camping and trailers are not allowed.
Special Restrictions:
  • No person shall enter that portion of the O'Connor Lakes Management Unit marked as closed to entry from March 1 through June 30 without special autorization from the department.
  • Access from Star Bend fishing access on Feather River Blvd.
  • 2,522 acres of dense riparian overstory of valley oaks and cottonwoods, with an understory of wild grape, pipevine, and California rose. Abbott and O'Connor Lakes are within this area. Some areas are accessible only by boat.
Recreational Use:
  • Type C Wildlife Area - no permits, passes, or reservations are required.
  • Fishing, birdwatching, and wildlife viewing are allowed. This riparian habitat supports a wide variety of wildlife, including coyotes, river otters, ash-throated flycatchers, warblers, phoebes, and numerous waterfowl species.
  • Allowed daily from July 1 through January 31 during open seasons for authorized species, and during the spring turkey hunt when only turkeys may be hunted. The Shanghai Bend Unit is closed to hunting. Game species include deer, pheasant, rabbit, tree squirrel, waterfowl, wild turkey, pheasant, quail, and dove.
  • None
PLEASE NOTE: Area regulations are subject to change. Special restrictions on recreational uses, hunt days and methods of take are listed in the current year's issue of Hunting and Other Public Uses on State and Federal Areas, available at CDFW offices and places where licenses are sold.

Contact Feather River Wildlife Area - Sutter & Yuba Counties

Contact Feather River Wildlife Area - Sutter & Yuba Counties

Tina Bartlett
Regional Manager - North Central Region
1701 Nimbus Road
Rancho Cordova, California  95670
Phone: (916) 358-2900
Fax: (916) 358-2912


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  • Sutter County, California
  • Yuba County, California

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