Ecosystem Services Exchange

Ecosystem Services Exchange (ESE) can assist with the planning, design, managing and monitoring of your agricultural land. We will help by implementing in-field or edge-of-field water management practices that improve productivity and conservation. We are able to determine which practice will be most effective and economically feasible for your land. ESE will utilize a combination of real-time nitrogen sensing, automation, and DRAINMOD to analyze and model the nutrient reductions in your field. We know what it will take to achieve water quality goals and want to get there faster by making sure farmers and landowners are rewarded for their land stewardship. Together, we will work towards a better future for our natural resources.

Contact Ecosystem Services Exchange

Contact Ecosystem Services Exchange

Paul Sweeney
Director of Conservation Planning
Alexandria, Virginia  22301
Phone: (651)352-2742
Cell Phone: (303)718-2889


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Florida
  • Iowa
  • Minnesota
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia

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