East Otter Tail Soil and Water Conservation Districtlast updated: January 2012

Our Mission:

It shall be the mission of the Soil and Water Conservation District to conserve and protect our soil and water resources that were placed into our trust. Our quality of life and our environment depends on the partnership between our Board of Supervisors, its employees, and a willingness of land users to commit to good land use practices and management skills.

It is the District’s responsibility to provide trained, competent technicians and office staff to disseminate information and provide technical assistance to all land users applying conservation practices and measures to their land. And it is the responsibility of the District employees to achieve the mission of this District by dedicating their services, talents, and skills in meeting the goals and objectives set forth in our “Long Range” and “Annual Plan of Work” and to remain flexible to change.

Our Goals for 2008

SURFACE WATER QUALITY: To improve the water quality of surface waters in East Otter Tail County by reducing or minimizing the amount and extent of contaminants entering surface waters.

GROUND WATER QUALITY AND QUANTITY: To improve and protect the quality and quantity of groundwater resources in East Otter Tail County by minimizing or reducing the amount and extent of contaminants entering the groundwater resources, and ensuring that there will be a stable and adequate source of useable water for municipal, industrial and agricultural purposes.

DEVELOPMENT PRESSURE: To protect the natural resource of Otter Tail County by reducing or minimizing the impacts of ongoing and future development within the county.

SOIL EROSION: Promote best management practices that reduce soil losses through wind and water erosion to below 2T.

WILDLIFE HABITAT: To protect and preserve wildlife habitat and wetlands from conversion to cropland and urban development, and promote the re-establishment of wildlife habitat.

SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE: To assist agricultural producers in maintaining productivity through the use of conservation practices that protect and preserve our natural resources, and maintain a sustainable agricultural base in the county.

EDUCATION/PROMOTION: Promote soil and water conservation through an effective information and education program to the residents, seasonal property owners, schools, and elected officials in Otter Tail County.

FUNDING/PARTNERING/ADMINISTRATION: Provide assistance to the public through the most efficient use of public funds and administration of programs, and maintain and develop a strong working relationship with other resource agencies.

Contact East Otter Tail Soil and Water Conservation District

Contact East Otter Tail Soil and Water Conservation District

Darren Newville
District Manager
801 Jenny Ave SW
Suite 2
Perham, Minnesota  56573
Phone: 218-346-4260
Fax: 218-346-4262


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Otter Tail County, Minnesota

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