Curly Top Virus Control Program - CDFAlast updated: August 2013
The Curly Top Virus Control Program's (CTVCP) objective is to reduce the incidence of beet curly top virus (BCTV) infection in susceptible crops below a level of economic importance, through the use of integrated pest management techniques. BCTV is an extremely serious plant virus affecting several hundred varieties of ornamental and commercial crops in California. The Curly Top Virus Control Board advises the Secretary on this Program.
The only known vector of this virus is the sugar beet leafhopper (BLH), Circulifer tenellus (Baker). The beet leafhopper is an introduced pest and migratory by nature. Populations develop in selected habitats within the San Joaquin, Imperial, Sacramento and Intra coastal Valleys of California as well as moving into California from contiguous states and Mexico. The Program utilizes intensive surveys to locate and monitor BLH populations throughout the year. As much as 100,000 acres of rangeland and idle agricultural lands are treated annually to control breeding BNL populations on a variety of host plants prior to the migration of adult leafhoppers into susceptible crops. Winter, spring and fall treatment periods coincide with the reproductive biology of BLH. The Program has emphasized the use of biological control by funding research in the exploration and establishment of BLH egg parasites in California.

Contact Curly Top Virus Control Program - CDFA

Contact Curly Top Virus Control Program - CDFA

Dr. Patrick Akers
Program Manager
3294 Meadowview Road
Sacramento, California  95832
Phone: (916) 262-1102/(916) 654-0768
Toll Free: 800-491-1899 (Pest Hotline)


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  • Fresno County, California
  • Imperial County, California
  • Kern County, California
  • Kings County, California
  • Los Angeles County, California
  • Merced County, California
  • Monterey County, California
  • Riverside County, California
  • San Benito County, California
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  • San Luis Obispo County, California
  • Santa Barbara County, California
  • Stanislaus County, California

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