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As an extension of our existing homeowner education and watershed protection efforts, The Conservation Foundation formed the Conservation@Home program to encourage and recognize property owners that protect and/or create yards that are environmentally friendly and conserve water.
Whether you are starting from a grass lawn or have existing natural areas, the Conservation@Home program can help you make your yard more attractive to wildlife and retain precious rainwater by planting native vegetation, creating butterfly and rain gardens, using rain barrels and removing exotic species of plants.
Native Plants are the Key 
At the core of environmentally friendly landscapes is the use of native plants. Native plants are those species that were present locally when the first settlers arrived. These beautiful plants need little watering, no fertilizers, and their deep roots help infiltrate rain where it falls and carry the moisture deep into the ground to replenish our aquifers, cleaning it as it goes.
Effect on Local Water Sources
Yards with native landscaping reduce local flooding and clean pollution from rainwater before it reaches our rivers, lakes and ponds. Native planting can be incorporated into any landscape style and provides a healthier backyard environment for your family to enjoy. Conservation@Home forwards the Foundation's mission of protecting open space and cleaning up our rivers, provides conservation education, and engages homeowners to "think globally and act locally."
Getting Started or Help with an Existing Garden
As a homeowner participating in Conservation @ Home, you can have a personal visit to your yard to offer specific advice. We have a number of helpful brochures, places to buy plants, as well as professional references to aid your project. Qualified participants can become a C@H member, earn a yard sign and one year membership to The Conservation Foundation for only $50.00. Contact Jim Kleinwachter 630-553-0687, Ext. 302 or email him for more information or to become certified.  If you live in Lake County and are interested in being certified, click here.
So, whether it's creating a butterfly or rain garden using native landscaping, using organic fertilizers, or removing invasive plants from your property, every little thing we do on our properties makes a difference in cleaning up our water, providing natural habitat and creating healthy landscapes for people and wildlife.

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Contact Conservation@home

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