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The Colorado State Forest Service is a service and outreach agency of the Warner College of Natural Resources at Colorado State University, and provides staffing for the Division of Forestry in the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. The CSFS serves as the lead state agency for providing forest stewardship and management, fuels reduction and wildfire mitigation assistance to Colorado landowners. The agency also provides forestry education and outreach to the citizens of Colorado. Every year, the CSFS helps treat thousands of acres of forestland, assisting landowners and communities to help improve forest health and ensure related benefits. The CSFS provides a wide range of forestry services through focused programs that deliver measurable, impactful results, using a non-regulatory approach, strategic partnerships and personalized service. The agency also grows and distributes seedling trees and shrubs from its nursery for conservation purposes.

of the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) is to achieve stewardship of Colorado’s diverse forest environments for the benefit of present and future generations.

Contact Colorado State Forest Service

Contact Colorado State Forest Service

Ryan Lockwood
External & Media Communications Program Manager
3843 Laporte Ave.
Fort Collins, Colorado  80521
Phone: (970) 491-6303
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pdf Are You FireWise? Notebook


Many people don’t realize that they face serious wildfire danger. But if you live in the foothills, grasslands or mountains of Colorado, you are at risk!

To be FireWise, you must carry out certain fire-protection measures before a fire even starts. By following the fire-safety guidelines listed here, your home will have a chance to survive while firefighters work to bring the wildfire under control. Remember, a fire department’s effectiveness in battling a wildfire starts with YOU!

pdf Colorado State Forest Service five-year strategic plan


The Colorado State Forest Service Five-Year Strategic Plan: 2016-2020 is derived from the collective voice of the CSFS and its external partners, and supports the agency moving cohesively toward the same overarching strategic goals and vision of “healthy and resilient forests.”

The plan is designed to be a guiding document that provides clear direction at a high level, which is easy to understand and used regularly internally and externally. Along with annual Reports on the Health of Colorado’s Forests, the plan will help guide forest management decisions and programs over the next five years.

pdf Colorado Statewide Forest Resource Assessment


The Colorado Statewide Forest Resource Assessment was initiated in response to a mandate from the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) and contained in the Forestry Title of the 2008 Farm Bill. These assessments will provide a science-based foundation to assist state forestry agencies and their partners in: 1) identifying the areas of greatest need and opportunity for forests across their states, and 2) developing a subsequent long-term strategy to address them.

pdf Creating Wildfire-Defensible Zones

pdf Fire-Resistant Landscaping


Colorado’s population is growing, its urban areas are rapidly expanding, and people are building more homes in what was once natural forest and brushlands. Newcomers to rural areas need to know how to correctly landscape their property to reduce wildfire hazards.

Improper landscaping worries land managers and fire officials because it can greatly increase the risk of structure and property damage from wildfire. It is a question of when, not if, a wildfire will strike any particular area.

pdf Forestry Best Management Practices to Protect Water Quality in Colorado

pdf Mastication Operational Guidelines

pdf Protecting Your Home from Wildfire

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