Clearwater Soil & Water Conservation Districtlast updated: July 2008

Our mission is simple- To promote the wise use and improvement of our county resources, in order that future generations will inherit an economically viable county that has made wise choices in resource management.

State Cost-Share Program

Cost-share assistance is available for landowners to help with the cost of establishing a variety of conservation practices which help protect and restore water and soil resources in the county.  Up to 75% cost of implementing the conservation practice may be covered by cost-share dollars.
Eligible conservation practices commonly used in this area include: 

WINDBREAK ESTABLISHMENT/RENOVATION – A planting of single or multiple rows of trees and/or shrubs to protect an area from the prevailing winds.  Also includes management activities to enhance the functioning of existing, previously planted windbreaks. 

FILTERSTRIP - An area of permanent vegetation established between cropland, grazing land, or other disturbed areas and sensitive areas such as lakes, streams or wetlands, to reduce runoff and prevent contaminants from entering sensitive areas.

CRITICAL AREA PLANTING – Establishing permanent vegetation on sites that have or are expected to have high erosion and on site that have conditions that prevent the establishment of vegetation with normal planting procedures. 

GRASSED WATERWAY – A natural or constructed channel with permanent suitable vegetation, which serves to transport runoff from fields and other areas with little erosion and soil loss. 

STREAMBANK, SHORELAND & ROADSIDE PROTECTION – Using vegetation and/or engineered structures to stabilize and protect stream banks, lakeshore and other water channels from erosion and scour.

SHELTERBELT PLANTING/RENOVATION – Planting single or multiple rows of trees and/or shrubs around buildings and homesteads to provide protection from wind and snow. 

SEDIMENT BASINS – A basin, pond, or structure designed and constructed to collect and hold sediment or debris.


All conservation practices and sites must meet certain eligibility requirements. To apply for cost share or for questions or more information on the State Cost share Program, stop and visit or call the Clearwater Soil and Water Conservation District office.

Contact Clearwater Soil & Water Conservation District

Contact Clearwater Soil & Water Conservation District

Karen TeHennepe
District Manager
312 Main Avenue, North
Suite 3
Bagley, Minnesota  56621
Phone: (218) 694-6845
Fax: (218) 694-6845


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