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Our Mission is to Help YOU Protect Our Natural Resources

Many people often do not realize how important it is to conserve our soil. If we do not ensure the proper management of soil on construction sites, agricultural lands, or on our personal property, the loss of vital topsoil can affect the uses of the land and the water that we rely on every day.

It is everyone’s responsibility to protect our natural resources. The future of our environment lies in our hands. It is for this reason, the Burlington County Soil Conservation District strives to educate and assist the public in achieving this goal.

Why is it Important to Prevent Soil Erosion?

Erosion is the process which moves soil from one location to another by wind, water, or other natural action. It is a natural process until accelerated by our actions. Large open areas such as agricultural fields and construction sites are easy prey to the forces of wind and water erosion. When open areas remain unprotected from these forces of nature, the land becomes stripped of vital topsoil which is used to grow corps, trees, grasses, etc. Allowing the erosion of this topsoil would create the same conditions that existed prior to the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s.

Did you ever wonder where the soil that erodes from these open areas goes? It leaves these areas and goes into our streets which cause traffic hazards. After a rainstorm, the sediment then washes into storm drains and travels into our streams and waterways. This sedimentation of our streams causes flooding, reduces water quality, and affects the fish and wildlife that utilize them. It often raises the price of food. Additionally, this sedimentation affects the recreational uses of these waterways and increases the need to dredge them.

Contact Burlington County SCD

Contact Burlington County SCD

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