Bring Back the Natives

The Bring Back the Natives initiative (BBN) funds on-the-ground efforts to restore native aquatic species to their historic range. Projects should involve partnerships between communities, agencies, private landowners, and organizations that seek to rehabilitate streamside and watershed habitats. Projects should focus on habitat needs of species such as fish, invertebrates, and amphibians that originally inhabited the waterways across the country. Funding for the BBN program is administered through NFWF from federal agencies cooperating to support this program. Cooperating agencies and organizations include the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), USDA Forest Service (FS), and Trout Unlimited (TU).

Contact Bring Back the Natives

Contact Bring Back the Natives

Cara Rose
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Western Partnership Office
421 SW 6th Avenue
Suite 950
Portland, Oregon  97204
Phone: 503-417-8700 x 6008


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