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Value In Sustainability

In today’s carbon-constrained economy, many business decisions are made at the intersection of sustainability, climate change and regulatory compliance. Whether our clients are creating plans for meeting compliance obligations, voluntarily reducing their carbon emissions, improving their forest management practices or avoiding forest conversion, building and managing landfill gas and wastewater treatment systems, investing in Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) or getting involved with North America’s most valuable carbon offset portfolio as suppliers or buyers, Blue Source is creating a better value in sustainability for businesses and a cleaner environment for us all.

Blue Source is the longest running carbon offset developer and marketer in North America, with a history of successful offset sales going back to 1996. To date, Blue Source has conducted some of the largest known voluntary offset trades by both volume and value and has listed and registered more carbon projects and offset volume on leading North American carbon registries than any other organization. The company has been a leader in developing offset projects in forestry, methane abatement, transportation, coalmine methane capture, carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) and many other project types throughout the years.

Blue Source focuses on adding value to its clients in three areas: Project Development, Offset Marketing & Sales and Consulting & Technical Services:

  • Project Development

Blue Source works with facilities, land owners, land trusts, TIMOs, municipalities and corporations to development carbon emission reduction projects through the United States and Canada, as well as in Central America and East Africa. Whether through preserving forest stocks, installing and operating a landfill gas collection system or distributing clean cook stoves in developing nations, Blue Source takes an instrumental role in originating real and meaningful carbon reductions under the rigor of most of the major standards and registries. Blue Source’s unparalleled history and success in achieving high-value offset sales makes the Company an ideal partner in bringing your offsets to market. Blue Source provides the in-house knowledge and experience required to maximize value and generate the financial returns that carbon economics require. Learn more about our Project Development Services

  • Offset Sales & Marketing

Blue Source is able to conduct a variety of both simple and complex sales transaction structures with every type of offset buyer, from voluntary to compliance. The Company's extremely large and diverse portfolio allows buyers to simplify and structure their purchasing needs while finding or designing a carbon product that meets even the most demanding requirements. Blue Source's robust transactional and contracting experience helps guide both new and seasoned purchasers through the specifics and nuances of various project types, structures, deliveries and regulatory requirements, resulting in transactions that are both comprehensive and efficient.

  • Consulting & Technical Service

As more and more companies shift their focus toward sustainability and regulatory compliance, the need for expert guidance and experience is increasing. Blue Source provides the key insight and assistance necessary for organizations in the areas of GHG inventory preparation, emission reductions action planning, offset protocol development, energy efficiency assessment, market analysis and strategic development, training and grant application support.

Blue Source is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and has offices in San Francisco, California and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Please contact us if you have questions as to how your organization can engage in the carbon economy.

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