Big River Cottonwood Nurserylast updated: October 2013
Big River is a new state of the art nursery specializing in the production of cottonwood cuttings. The planting stock consists of premier clone genetic material obtained primarily from Tembec's Fitler nursery in Issaquena County, Mississippi. These premier clones are well adapted to the Lower Mississippi River Valley region and provide the potential for superior growth and survival.Initial Big River nursery development began in late 2005 near Winnsboro, Louisiana. The first 100 acres of nursery stock was planted in early 2006. An additional 100 acres of nursery development is scheduled for implementation by early 2007. This will complete the initial phase of the Winnsboro nursery. There will be future expansion at the Winnsboro site for another 120 acres of nursery production capacity. The feasibility of establishing additional satellite nursery locations in the region is under evaluation.

In 2007, the nursery will produce approximately 6 million 18 inch cuttings suitable for outplanting. The production in 2008 is expected to reach a level of 18 to 20 million cuttings. Future production capacity and schedule will be dependent on the progression of the reforestation efforts in the Lower Mississippi River Valley.

USDA's Conservation Reserve Programs continue to remain active in the reforestation of marginal farmland in the Southeast. The increasing interest in carbon sequestration and the need to achieve rapid accumulation of carbon credits is expected to stimulate a large demand for cottonwood cuttings. Recent USDA approval of cottonwood / hardwood interplanting as a cost share conservation practice will also greatly increase the need for cuttings.

Big River is open for business and looking forward to being a major supplier of our nation's energy needs. As part of our grand opening, Big River Nursery is introducing a limited time sale of its cottonwood cuttings. You can view our current Pricing Sheet in the Purchase Cuttings Section.

Contact Big River Cottonwood Nursery

Contact Big River Cottonwood Nursery

648 Union Church Road
Winnsboro, Louisiana  71295
Phone: (318) 722-3377
Cell Phone: (318) 282-0418
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