Bedford Conservation Districtlast updated: October 2011

The Bedford County Conservation District encourages stewardship and conservation of natural resources for this and future generations.

Today, the Bedford County Conservation District coordinates a broad range of programs in pursuit of its mission to foster stewardship of the natural resources of Bedford County. The Bedford County Conservation District is delegated by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to administer the Chapter 102 Erosion and Sedimentation Program and NPDES (National Pollution Discharge and Elimination System) Program. Other programs that are provided by the Conservation District include: nutrient management, no-till and cover crops technical assistance and equipment rental, environmental education, West Nile Virus Control Program, Gypsy Moth Suppression Program, recycling, assitance to watershed groups, and the Dirt and Gravel Road Program. To begin exporing the site and learning about these and other programs, click the link at the upper left. 

Contact Bedford Conservation District

Contact Bedford Conservation District

Jennifer Lentz Kovacs
District Manager
702 West Pitt Street
Fairlawn Court, Suite 4
Bedford, Pennsylvania  15522
Phone: (814) 623-8099
Fax: (814) 623-0481


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Bedford County, Pennsylvania

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