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The Bay Area Tree Specialists appreciates the value that trees can add to your property and is fully committed to protecting your investment. With 19 years of experience in the kind of tree service San Jose Bay Area residents need, we specialize in all phases of tree maintenance and are committed to providing the professional, reliable tree service San Jose Bay Area property owners deserve.
Even when all you need is the kind of tree pruning or tree trimming San Jose Bay Area property owners want, know that less-qualified companies often prune in a way that causes long term damage to the health of your tree.
The owner of Bay Area Tree Specialists is Richard Smith, a Certified Arborist. It takes lots of study and commitment to become the kind of certified arborist San Jose Bay Area residents can count on. Perhaps fewer than 10% of the tree care companies out there have this special training. Richard shares, “We take 40 weeks of intensive class, and must learn everything about trees from their Latin names and how to visually identify them, to disease, diagnosis, bracing, and lightning protection.”
And what’s the difference? It turns out that the kind of tree pruning or tree trimming San Jose Bay Area property owners want isn’t as straightforward as many might think. Not all trees should be pruned the same way.
Richard Smith explains, “When you’ve been trained to know the individual growth patterns of each kind of tree, you know something that other tree care companies don’t-what might be correct for one tree is harmful to another. And if trees are pruned incorrectly, it can kill a tree or do irreparable damage and the tree will be unsafe. One bad pruning can absolutely destroy a tree.”
As a Certified Arborist San Jose Bay Area residents can trust, Richard Smith and Bay Area Tree Specialists can give you a detailed tree diagnosis and written arborist report based on a scientific evaluation of the tree that includes whether there’s healthy branch structure, pests that need to be eradicated, its structural safety, hidden decay, root system evaluation and more. “Because of our thorough analysis, we’re able to make accurate suggestions to the customer, including ways we can fix the tree or whether the tree is hazardous and needs to be removed,” says Richard.

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Contact Bay Area Tree Specialists

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