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We are a group of aquatic and fishery biologists charged with a three-fold mission: . Design ecologically significant and aesthetically natural clear water aquatic habitats. . Evaluate existing and potential waterfront real estate to advise investors and marketers. . Research and develop increasingly efficient ecological designs to maximize viable habitat for important species of fish, wildlife and vegetation while minimizing the water supply. Our firm was founded in 1999 based upon three decades of aquatic habitat and trout fishery management. Initially our quest was specialized in the development of private trout habitat to produce quality recreational fishing habitats. As our acumen grew, we developed proprietary methods to produce cold water trout habitats on very small water supplies and in ever-warming climate conditions including southern states. Our work has since evolved into a range of aquatic habitats for a much wider range of human water-based recreation while maintaining the ecological value of supporting rare fauna and flowering wetland vegetation found mostly in spring fed systems. Along with habitat design, we evaluate existing and potential waterfront real estate to advise investors with goals of optimizing financial and ecological values as well as avoiding investment in poor quality properties that do not reveal their future habitat quality challenges to inexperienced observers.

Contact AquaHabitat

Contact AquaHabitat

Brad Kerr
Senior Fishery Biologist
PO Box 2431
Tualatin, Oregon  97062
Phone: 541 382 6320


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