Androscoggin Valley Soil & Water Conservation Districtlast updated: December 2015

Our History

The Androscoggin Valley Soil and Water Conservation District was founded in 1947 in the belief that all local people are responsible for the stewardship of our natural resources. This Conservation District is one of over 3000 across our nation serving as a model grassroots system set up by Congress to meet the urgent needs of our soil, water and related natural resources.

This grassroots system provides technical assistance to the residents and property owners of Androscoggin and Sagadahoc Counties to support the conservation of our soil and water resources. This model is one of the greatest success stories of modern conservation.

The ongoing effectiveness of Conservation Districts has been due to our ability to provide the bridge between citizens and local, state and federal agencies. The Conservation Districts bring citizens and appropriate agencies to the table to discuss how to solve local environmental problems impacting our natural resources. This task is accomplished through the local conservation leadership of the Board Supervisors providing governance and Associates representing local interests and concerns for existing problems.

Our Goals

Providing local conservation leadership for communities, organizations and individuals by bringing them to the table with the appropriate government agency to address natural resource problems; 

Helping citizens make wise land use decisions that will keep soil on the land, water clean and promote the sustainability of our natural resources;

Teaching the value of natural resources by sparking the desire for knowledge, nurturing the understanding of the impact the value of natural resources have on our daily lives and fostering public insight about the issues; 

Encouraging conservation efforts through strengthening partnerships and 

Planning and implementing solutions and building a voluntary workforce willing to put conservation measures on the ground.

Our Services

Providing environmental education programming for our youth 

Conducting seminars/workshops for adults covering a variety of topics and conservation practices that protect our natural resources 

Offering technical assistance for land use decisions for a fee 

Partnering with collaborators to plan for, apply for and implement conservation grant projects that address natural resource issues

Contact Androscoggin Valley Soil & Water Conservation District

Contact Androscoggin Valley Soil & Water Conservation District

Jane Heikkinen
Office Manager
254 Goddard Road
Lewiston, Maine  04240
Phone: (207) 753-9400 ext 400


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Androscoggin County, Maine
  • Sagadahoc County, Maine

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