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Alaskan Wind Industries is the leading and most experienced renewable energy contractor for wind turbines ranging 5kW and 50kW for the State of Alaska. AKWI is a specialty contractor offering structural steel erection, welding services, tower climbing maintenance and wind turbine installations for all of Alaska. As a specialty contractor with years of working knowledge with rigging, structural systems and welding - this company has completed competent, safe, and successful implement of wind turbines throughout Alaska. To see some of our recent projects, please click here. This firm is certified in tower and rescue climbing for all types of tower maintenance, met tower installations and wind turbine tower construction. For more information on the AKWI Tower Climbers, please click on the picture to the right. AKWI PROVIDES FULL TURN KEY PROJECTS: To make sure all systems are placed correctly, AKWI provides trained site assessors to properly evaluate landscapes. To request a site assessment, please click here. Further, AKWI maintains a direct line to the worlds leading manufacturers of small distributed wind energy systems. AKWI effectively keeps up to date on the industries changes which limits the exposure of our Producers from untested systems that are not ready for our Alaskan environment. Over the past few years, Alaskan Wind Industries has invested in a large and successful financial team allowing your project to receive funds to offset the costs of installing a renewable energy system with all incentives that you may qualify. With a 98% success rate on qualified grant recipients, let AKWI's financial team win yours for you. AKWI is also backed by a large investors that will help you finance your project by lease or purchase for your next renewable energy project. To apply for a lease or purchase through AKWI for your project, please Contact Us Here. Alaskan Wind Industries is known for their technical assistance, extreme financial support and unbeatable customer support

Contact Alaska Wind Industries

Contact Alaska Wind Industries

Nadia Daggett
Operations Manager
51235 Kenai Spur Highway
Kenai, Alaska  99635
Phone: 907-776-7664


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