Agricultural Soil Carbon Offsets Programlast updated: January 2009

Soil carbon offsets projects involve sequestration of carbon in soil resulting from the adoption of conservation tillage and activities in designated states, counties and parishes in the U.S. and Canada.

Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) issues tradable Carbon Financial Instrument® (CFI®) contracts to owners or aggregators of eligible projects on the basis of sequestration, destruction or displacement of GHG emissions. Eligible projects include: agricultural methane, landfill methane, coal mine methane, agricultural
and rangeland soil carbon, forestry and renewable energy.

Basic CCX Specifications for Soil Carbon Management Offset Projects:
CCX has developed simple, standardized rules for issuing Carbon Financial Instrument® (CFI™) contracts for carbon emission soil sequestration activities in the agricultural sector.  Eligible agricultural soil carbon sequestration projects include continuous conservation tillage and grass planting.

  • Conservation tillage: Minimum five year contractual commitment (2006-2010) to continuous no-till, strip till or ridge till on enrolled acres. Tillage practice must leave at least two-thirds of the soil surface
    undisturbed and at least two-thirds of the residue remaining on the field surface. CCX CFI contracts are issued for conservation tillage at a rate between 0.2 and 0.6 metric tons CO2 per acre per year.
  • Grass planting: projects intiated on or after January 1, 1999 in CCX eligible counties may qualify.  
  • Carbon sequestration projects must be enrolled through a CCX-registered Offset Aggregator. 
  • All projects must be independently verified by a CCX-approved verifier.

CCX Carbon Financial Instrument® (CFI™) contracts are issued at a standardized rate of CO2 per acre per year to land managers who commit to continuous conservation tillage and/or maintenance grass cover plantings. The offset issuance rates for specified regions of the U.S. and Canada can be provided upon request.

Eligible projects include:
• Methane capture and combustion
• Continuous no-till and strip-till cropping in the U.S. and Canada
• Grass planting
• Tree planting
• Improved rangeland management

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 Agricultural Soil Carbon Brochure
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Contact Agricultural Soil Carbon Offsets Program

Contact Agricultural Soil Carbon Offsets Program

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