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After installing solar on our own home and business, our neighbors wanted their own systems installed. For the benefit of our neighbors, our community, and the larger global environment, we incorporated A1 Sun, Inc. with the goal of installing superb, affordable photovoltaic and thermal solar energy systems. A1 Sun is located in Berkeley. We serve the surrounding counties of Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin and beyond.A1 Sun is family owned and managed. Our team of knowledgeable installers and design professionals come from within our local community. Our community is our customer base. Our customer base is our best advocate.

A1 Sun installs solar systems of the highest quality. We are committed to providing the best value for our clients, while benefitting the planet by doing business sustainably. Our office is solar powered and charges our expanding electric vehicle fleet. We precycle, recycle, and use environmentally-friendly materials. We are proud of our environmental commitment and socially conscious business practices.

We provide superior quality systems, service, and are cost competitive. From the initial contact to your first solar kWh generated, we make sure you are fully informed. A1 Sun is with you at every step of the installation process. We are happy to answer your every question. We firmly believe in what we do. A1 Sun makes installing solar on your home or business easy.

A1 Sun provides quality service because we know and use technologies that are proven. In addition, we constantly research and test innovative ideas. From photovoltaic (PV) to solar domestic hot water (SDHW) to electric vehicle charging stations to networked system monitoring, we have a wealth of experience. We design and install lasting, reliable, long term performance.

After A1 Sun analyzes your site parameters, we design and build the optimal size system you require. Commercial installations are a growing segment of our business. We are easy to work with. Business owners, architects, contractors and management companies are discovering how well our systems perform. A1 Sun serves each client with the same dedication to individual attention that has provided the foundation of our business.

Contact A1 Sun, Inc

Contact A1 Sun, Inc

2015 Yolo Avenue
Berkeley, California  94707
Phone: 510-526-5715


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