The Most Dangerous Animal in America - Shoot to Cull

By: Ted Williams
Posted on:09/07/2023

Connecticut is at the infestation epicenter of a beast that kills some 200 Americans a year; injures at least 10,000 others; is annually responsible for billions of dollars in property damage; trashes native ecosystems; and spreads an infection that causes fever, headache, fatigue, and, if untreated, injury to joints, heart, and brain. 

The beast is the white-tailed deer, rare during the 19th century and now, with forest regeneration and no obligate predators, grossly overpopulated. Hunters can’t significantly affect deer densities. Bobcats—especially in Connecticut where they’re proliferating—and coyotes provide some relief, but not control. East of the Lake States the predators that can control deer—wolves and cougars—have been extirpated. 

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