New Senate tax incentives for land owners

By: Amos S. Eno
Posted on:09/28/2007 Updated:06/22/2010

There is a real chance that by the end of this calendar year, December, 2007, Congress will finally recognize the stewardship contributions of private landowners and will provide real financial rewards ($$) and incentives for conservation on private land.  


re: New Senate tax incentives for land owners
By: Rapid Share on: 06/01/2010

In fact, the conservation break is so generous that it produces a bizarre and seemingly backwards incentive: Donors who keep a piece of land while giving the development rights to a conservation group can sometimes get a bigger tax benefit than if they'd given the land outright to the same group. That's because, if a landowner gives his property away, the normal tax rules apply, meaning he can use the charitable deduction to wipe out only 30% of his adjusted gross and can carry any unused deduction forward for only five (5) years.