George Smith Lauds Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund

By: Amos S. Eno
Posted on:11/30/2017

Yesterday, George Smith posted a great article on his regular George's Outdoor News blog about some of the most recent grants awarded by the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund (MOHF), of which I am a board member. The creation of MOHF was a result of frustration felt by Smith and other conservationists at their inability to persuade the Maine legislature to provide funding for important conservation projects in the state. Instead of relying on taxpayer funding, MOHF "conserves wildlife and open spaces through the sale of instant, scratch lottery tickets."

As a board member of MOHF, I am doing my best to fulfill Smith's vision and support conservation and local leadership in Maine communities, and encourage you all to read his article highlighting some of the great projects made possible by the most recent round of funding. And when you're done reading his article, go by some MOHF lottery tickets because, as Smith wrote, "even if you don't win, we all win with this ticket."