Bruce and Tarini - The Green Caretakers

By: Emily Nason
Posted on:01/10/2019 Updated:03/05/2019

This active, nature-loving, environmentally mindful couple are looking to bring their talents and love of the outdoors to a larger piece of land and bring harmony to nature and people. 

It’s not often that the right people find each other, but when they do they frequently bring out the best in the other person. That’s what happened when Bruce Weaver and Tarini Bauliya met! While working as a groundskeeper in Sedona Arizona, Bruce met Tarini who was the general manager of Time Expeditions Jeep Tours. This was an archeological and cultural tour company. The company utilized Bruce's knowledge of jeep mechanics. Tarini was responsible for the day to day operations, and was instrumental in creating the company's first cultural expedition to explore Canyon de Chelly, on the Navajo reservation.

In 1993, Bruce and Tarini moved to Prescott, AZ to take positions as year-round resident caretakers of Camp Charles Pearlstein, a Jewish summer camp, surrounded by tall pine trees in the biggest Ponderosa Pines forest in the world. Bruce worked with the camp director on annual facility needs and budget concerns. Tarinia ssisted in the general care and upkeep of the facility. In the off-season, they provided security, winter upkeep, maintaining positive relations with the Forest Service, and local subcontractors. Bruce was also responsible for the implementation of a recycling and composting program, planting fruit trees, and creating new garden areas.

While reading a recent issue of The Caretaker Gazette, they were intrigued with another caretaking opportunity for a seminar and retreat center in California. They decided to apply for the position and were flown out for an interview, and soon after were offered the position.

Today, Bruce and Tarini still work hard to bring beauty to the world. Bruce creates short-form Transmedia stories, hosts a ecological blog while continuing his study and research of sustainability, permaculture, regenerative analog agroforestry, and holistic grazing concepts. Tarini works with a selective group of sales leaders, intent on making massive transformational change in their world, through 1-on-1 sales leadership coaching. When not helping others by coaching, she practices and teaches yoga, writes and spends time walking or hiking with her husband.

Bruce and Tarini have been living in Maine since June working for a 2 acre private estate in Prouts Neck. But this active, nature-loving, environmentally mindful couple are looking for a new challenge. They are excited to start their next chapter in Maine and are hoping to bring their talents and love of the outdoors to a larger piece of land and bring harmony to nature and people.

Bruce and Tarini