A Vote GreenTrees is a Vote for Landowners

By: Amos S. Eno
Posted on:07/06/2021

Maggie O Bryant died Sunday night 27 June. She was a an exemplar for nationwide conservation. She served as my board Chair 1990-1999 at National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and was a key to our decade of success. She was the inspiration behind and incubator of the founding of GreenTrees, and these trees and her son Carey Crane's work on GreenTrees, along with Chandler Van Voorhis, will be her legacy for decades to come

GreenTrees has partnered with nearly 600 landowners, comprised of 130,000 acres in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, sequestering over 6 million tons of verified carbon since its inception. Our landowners range from as small as 7 acres to as large as 2,000 acres. However, without GreenTrees as a programmatic aggregator, not one of our landowners would be able to access the carbon markets due to significant barriers of entry. Reforestation is about playing climate offense by removing carbon from the atmosphere while society works to reduce future carbon. At the center of this revolution is the private landowner and GreenTrees is thrilled to have democratized the carbon markets so that the small landowner can participate as well.

We would be honored to have your vote as the best project developer for forestry and land use.