A Bottom-Up Approach with Bottom-Line Benefits

By: Amos S. Eno
Posted on:09/16/2011

How are we doing?

Today’s working landscapes (farms, ranches and non-industrial forest lands) provide our nation with the world’s most productive breadbasket, the nation’s largest repositories of biodiversity, and abundant/regenerating forests, which provide bountiful supplies of wood, fiber, fuel, recreation, and clean water, as well as carbon capture.  

Empowering stewardship and investment in our rural infrastructure through the Resources First online marketplaces empowers our private landowners and makes for a healthier, wealthier America.  RFF’s projects are built to solve one of the more important problems of our lifetime - how to maintain the productive capacity and ecological quality of our land and waters.  PLN and our state conservation centers are working well, attracting more visitors every year and creating a constituency of empowered customers.

We Want to Be the Best; We Need Your Help

In this time of a struggling economy, vanishing public budgets, climate stress and other problems, we are proud that we can offer a free service to farmers, ranchers, forest land owners, and others who work everyday to “keep working lands working.”  However, we want to be even better, so we need to hear from you.

It’s only natural, given the internet medium in which we operate, that we take advantage of some of the clever, amazing, and - yes - free online tools that are available to us in seeking feedback from our customers.  In that spirit, we have set up our first “Survey Monkey” online poll.

Short and Easy

Our survey is a grand total of 6 questions that will take you all of 2 to 3 minutes!  Please take a moment to TAKE THE SURVEY and give us the benefit of your thoughts and honest assessment of what works and what could be better.  We promise, we’ll listen. 

In the interest of keeping those lines of communication open, our newsletter will now go out to our subscribers on a monthly basis. 

Thanks to our readers, for all that you do!