Idaho OnePlan


Idaho OnePlan is a multi-agency project to combine government regulations and current best management practices for agriculture into a single plan, integrating federal, state, and local regulations for:

  • Nutrient, Pest and Waste Management
  • Water Quality and Wetlands
  • Air Quality
  • Financial Assistance
  • Endangered Species
  • Petroleum Storage Tanks

A Simple Concept
Farmers and agencies can both benefit from reducing duplication of effort,regulatory red tape and cross-agency bottlenecks. The OnePlan coordinatesthe various conservation requirements of the numerous agencies withregulatory and technical oversight. From the comfort of home or office, youcan connect to site specific information tailored to Idaho growers.

"Clippings" of aerial photos, soil data, hydrology maps, roads, and borderson different GIS map layers are available. With this data and the OnePlansoftware questionnaire, growers can generate a report and plan ofaction—a conservation farm plan—with effective area-specificbest management practices (BMPs). The software allows the grower torecord management practices over time to see what works: specificactivities such as pesticide application, cultivation methods,equipment, etc. can be tracked by field.

Qualify for Financial Assistance
Farm Conservation Plans derived from the OnePlan method will help qualifyfarmers for local, state and federal financial assistance for conservingnatural resources when needed and available. The OnePlan method makesconservation planning and implementation dramatically more efficient.Growers, technical experts, and the environment will all be winners.

It's Free
Anyone can use the OnePlan software and develop an Idaho farm planregardless of how he chooses to use the results. It's private informationand it's entirely up to the individual whether or not to share suchinformation; for example, to share it with agencies to aid in cost share orgrant applications.