Water Use in Louisiana 2010


This report presents data from a 2010 inventory of water withdrawals in Louisiana. The report presents information on withdrawals from groundwater and surface-water sources for use in public supply, industry, power generation, rural domestic, livestock, irrigation, and aquaculture for each parish in Louisiana. Included in the report are tables of water use by category, parish, aquifer, and surface-water basin. This report also presents trends in Louisiana water withdrawals based on data compiled on a 5-year report basis since 1960.

Data in this report, with the exception of irrigation data, are compiled from water withdrawals made during the 2009 calendar year. Withdrawals for irrigation are based on data from 2009 and 2010 and represent a composite of the 2 years. For purposes of this report, the amount and distribution of water used in 2010 is assumed to be the same as that for 2009. The data are limited by the accuracy of the information reported by the individual facilities or users. All water use data presented in this report are on file at the USGS office in Baton Rouge, La.

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