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The 2002 Farm Bill. authorized USDA to use Technical Service Providers (TSPs) The premise behind Technical Service Providers is that the demand for assistance to do conservation work is increasing and will exceed the current staffing capacity of the NRCS.


The 2002 Farm Bill authorized USDA to use Technical Service Providers (TSPs). The premise behind TSPs is that the public interest to do conservation work and the government’s financial commitment are both at historic levels. The Farm Bill increased conservation investment up $1.8 billion to $3.9 billion. NRCS and our locally-led partners are committed to getting this money out quickly and efficiently. Helping build a new industry of certified professionals from the private sector, non-profit organizations, and public agencies to provide direct technical assistance and deliver conservation activities will help with this commitment.

Technical assistance includes conservation planning and design, layout, installation, and checkout of approved conservation practices. NRCS and conservation districts have traditionally provided these technical services, and will continue to do so. What’s new is that USDA will now reimburse producers for technical assistance provided by certified Technical Service Providers. For details on technical service categories and certification criteria, click here.

NRCS wants quality, convenient assistance for all its customers.

NRCS is committed to ensuring quality technical assistance no matter who provides it. The quality benchmarks are those in the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide. NRCS is also committed to a Technical Service Provider process that is farmer or producer friendly. Technical Service Provider technical assistance will be offered in ways that will that will be convenient to farmers and ranchers and designed to meet their needs. That means producers will have a choice of providers. You may use NRCS for technical assistance, or may call on a Technical Service Provider certified by NRCS to provide such assistance.

What is TechReg?

TechReg is an Internet application which will make it easy for Technical Service Providers to register and become certified and USDA Customers to find certified providers. TechReg is an outstanding example of how USDA is trying to serve the public effectively and efficiently through electronic means.

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Interested in becoming a Technical Service Provider?

Find out how easy it is to become a USDA Technical Service Provider by checking out the TechReg-Step by Step Guide. The TechReg system is now available for online registration and certification. You will need a USDA user account and password. Information is available online or through a USDA Service Center. An even more streamlined certification process is available to members of Certifying Organizations already partnering with USDA. Contact one of these organizations today and become certified. NRCS will be working with partnering Federal, State, and private organizations to provide training to those individuals who want to become a USDA Certified Technical Service Provider.