Texas Conservation Action Plan 2012–2016 - Statewide/Multi-region Handbook


This Statewide/Multi-region (SMR) Handbook provides insight into certain Texas rare resources, special habitats, and conservation issues that cross regional boundaries, including a few we share with other states, Mexico, Central America, and Canada. It also contains a compiled statewide SGCN list and a list of large-scale (broader than one ecoregion or ecological drainage unit) Conservation Actions.

Throughout the document, there are resources–web links, programs, incentives, and contacts–to help you participate in
and learn more about natural resources needing our conservation attention in Texas. More references, keys to acronyms, a glossary, other resources, and the remaining handbooks (an Overview and 11 ecoregions) are available on the Texas Conservation Action Plan 2011 Web Site:

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