Louisiana Wildlife Insider - Summer 2013


In This Issue:
  • The Monarch Butterfly: Traveling though Louisiana on an Epic Journey
    • by Wendy Caldwell and Karen Oberhauser
  • Conservation Partnership: Why it Matters
    • by Gregg Elliott and Duck Locascio
  • Louisiana Natural Areas Registry Program
    • by Judy Jones
  • Gopher Tortoise Conservation Efforts in Louisiana
    • by Keri Landry
  • Tracking Raccoon Movements in the Atchafalaya Basin
    • by Michael Byrne and Michael Camberlain
  • Southeast Louisiana DMAP Club Hosts Wounded Warriors Hunt
    • by Kori Legleu and Cheryl Burns
  • The Unicorn Deer
    • by Scott Durham
  • How to Hook a Child on Fishing
    • by Mitch Samaha
  • Featured Biologists: Mike Perot & Jeff Boundy, Ph.D.
  • Wildlife Staff Directory
  • Coastal & Nongame Resources Staff Directory
  • Habitat is the Point: Crotons

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