Louisiana Statewide Forest Resource Assessment and Strategy - A Comprehensive Analysis of Forest-Related Conditions, Trends, Threats, Opportunities, and Management Strategies


The state of Louisiana is blessed with abundant natural resources. Commerce stemming from the state's timber assets is second only to state's petroleum and natural gas industry. Abundant water, a sub-tropic climate, and high-quality soils form the foundation of the state's ability to generate both excellent pine and hardwood stands. Over the past three-quarters of a century, it has been the Office of Forestry which has led the way in providing landowner assistance and protection to these assets. The Office of Forestry has assessed our past, present, and future, as well as, specific strategies for success. Our Forest Action Plan will designate the state's regions that demonstrate the greatest concern or opportunity and portray how the Office has analyzed the threats at hand and allocated our resources to best serve the citizens and landowners of Louisiana.

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