Final Environmental Impact Statement Proposed Deerfield Wind Project


Abstract:  The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)  documents analysis of the Deerfield Wind  Project, proposed in the Towns of Searsburg and Readsboro, Bennington County, Vermont. The  Proponent, Deerfield Wind LLC, has applied for a la nd use authorization to construct and operate a 17- turbine 34 Megawatt commercial wind energy facility on up  to 80 acres of National Forest System land on  the Manchester Ranger District of the Green Mountain National Forest. The Project is proposed on two  ridges located east and west of Route 8. This FEIS  has been prepared pursuant to Section 102 (2)(c) of  the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) (1969 as amended). The FEIS documents a detailed  analysis of the environmental impacts of the Proposed  Action and three alternatives for development of a  wind facility on this site. The four alternative course s of action have been evaluated in terms of direct,  indirect, and cumulative impacts on natural, physical, and socio-economic resources. These include: A)  the Proposed Action consisting of 17 turbines as subm itted by Deerfield Wind, LLC; B) Alternative 1, No  Action; C) Alternative 2, or the Reduced West alternative, a reduction in turbines on the ridge west of  Route 8 from 10 to eight (for a total of 15 turbines ); and D) Alternative 3, or the East Side Only  alternative, which only includes turbines on the ridge ea st of Route 8 (for a total of seven turbines). This  document meets NEPA requirements to analyze a reasonable range of alternatives and disclose potential  physical, biological, and social effects related to the  proposed Project. This document also presents the  Purpose of and Need for the Proposed Action, identifies significant and other issues raised during the  scoping process, describes the af fected environment, and identifies potential design criteria and  mitigation measures to av oid or reduce impacts.

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