City of Plano Smart Energy Loan Program


The City of Plano established this loan program through the Department of Energy, in conjunction with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This fund supports affordable energy efficiency loans to Plano homeowners.

In partnership with Credit Union of Texas, the city provides homeowners with a variety of financing options for energy efficency upgrades. In addition, this loan program will continue to offer future loans as existing loans are paid off, which will benefit up to 1,356 residential projects estimated at $7 million in value over the next ten years.

The Smart Energy Loan (SEL) is the third residential energy efficiency program offered by the City of Plano's Sustainability & Environmental Services department. Plano homeowners are encouraged to apply online or request an application and agreement at

Smart Energy Loan Program Resident Agreement will need to be reviewed and acknowledged prior to submitting application.

Please note: Due to Department of Energy and EECGB Template Guidelines, no pre-completed project can be funded through the Smart Energy Loan Program. All loan projects must be approved through the City of Plano and Credit Union of Texas prior to a Project Eligibility Letter issued for work to begin. Projects already completed are ineligible for this program.

To be eligible you must:

  • Live in an owner-occupied home in Plano 
  • Hold title to the property with no voluntary liens 
  • Be current on your mortgage and property taxes 
  • Be a U.S. citizen or Legal Resident Alien 
  • Have no bankruptcy or foreclosure in the past three years 
  • Complete all required program agreement documents and / or surveys

You could reduce your home energy bills, improve the comfort level in your home, take comfort by knowing your home is safe and healthy by correcting pre-existing conditions, increase the longevity of your home, enhance the market value and decrease your home's carbon footprint. Learn more!