Central & Eastern Oregon Land Use Planning Assessment Sage-Grouse Habitat


This report considers the existing presence of habitat fragmentation activities in Oregon’s Sage-grouse habitat and describes state and local land use programs that apply to development proposals. The review is generally limited to nonfederal lands where local governments have direct jurisdiction.

Oregon’s statewide land use planning program as implemented by local comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances has succeeded in discouraging habitat fragmentation in central and eastern Oregon. The existing framework of state and local laws are ideally equipped to guarantee the adequate regulatory mechanisms necessary to provide continued protection of Sage-grouse and Sage-grouse habitat from anthropogenic threats associated with energy development, mining, infrastructure and urbanization. Furthermore, local land use approvals may serve as the primary factors to require mitigation relative to Oregon’s primary Sage-grouse threats such as invasive species, conifer infestation and wildfire.

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