California Water Action Plan - Actions for Reliability, Restoration and Resilience

Gov. Brown directed the California Natural Resource Agency, California Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to put together a multi-agency working group and identify key actions for the next one to five years that addresses urgent needs and provides the foundation for sustainable management of California's water resources.



"This broad agreement that the state's water system is currently unable to satisfactorily meet both ecological and human needs, too exposed to wet and dry climate cycles and natural disasters, and inadequate to handle the additional pressures of future population growth and climate change. Solutions are complex and expensive, and they require the cooperation and sustained commitment of all Californians working together. Thoughtful, decisive action is needed now to put California's water resources on a safer, more sustainable path.

This report identifies actions that, in the next five years, will move California toward more sustainable water management by providing reliable water supply for our farms and communities, restoring important wildlife habitat and species, and helping the state's water systems and environment become more resilient. These actions are organized around long-term objectives. Some of the actions are new proposals. Some are being planned and should be completed more rapidly, implemented in a better way, or on a larger scale. Success will require the cooperation of many partners; the state's role is to lead, help others, and remove barriers to action. These actions will not address all of our challenges; nor should they distract from other important efforts being developed and implemented across the state. But, the actions described here are critical to moving the state forward now."