AGFC Beginner's Fishing Guide

There’s nothing better than a lazy afternoon on the bank of your favorite fishing hole, dreaming about a lunker that’s about to make your bobber disappear.

If you’re already a fisherman, then you know the thrill of anticipation. If you’re not an angler, this publication will help you get started.

Now that we’ve piqued your interest, you may realize that you’ve got a few things to learn about fish and angling. No problem – the basic fishing techniques described in this guide don’t require a huge tackle box. A rod, reel, hook, bobber and a few worms will work just fine.

After you land your trophies, we’ll help you identify them and show you how to prepare and cook your catch of the day.

You’ve made it this far – let’s get moving.Take a gander at the guide and head out to enjoy the best of what Arkansas water has to offer.

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