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While continuing to provide comprehensive technical assistance, the Wildlife Division's Habitat Partners Section--through WILD Nebraska--will provide financial assistance in two broad categories: Wildlife Habitat Development and Wildlife Habitat Management. Development and Management activities are grouped by habitat type (Wetland/ Grassland/Woodland). In addition, there is a general group of activities that pertain to more than one habitat type (e.g. hunting access) or activities that are unique (e.g. food-and-cover plots).

Wildlife Habitat Development and Wildlife Habitat Management Activities are the foundation of WILD Nebraska. Transitional Land Use payments and Access incentives may also be used to complement these primary activities.

Wildlife Habitat Development Activities

Generally, these activities will contain many aspects of the existing individual programs. WHIP and many of the other programs have focused on the development of habitat in the form of grass seedings, shelterbelt plantings, or wetland restorations. The necessary components of those programs will be retained in WILD Nebraska.

Development contracts will typically be for a term of 10 years or more during which the cooperator will be expected to maintain the developed habitat. One-time payments will be made to cooperators to reimburse them for a portion of the costs associated with the habitat development.

Specifications for designing habitat developments will provide optimum benefits for wildlife. These specifications may vary slightly across the state due to differences that occur across Nebraska's highly varied geography. Input into development plans will be solicited from partners based on technical areas of expertise.

Wildlife Habitat Management Activities

Generally, past programs have been development oriented and have not provided much opportunity to implement management on existing wildlife habitats. The management component of WILD Nebraska provides an exciting opportunity to implement a variety of activities to improve habitat in Nebraska. WILD Nebraska will include activities such as prescribed burning, disking, grazing manipulation, and woodland stand management to accomplish habitat objectives. These activities will be designed to influence plant succession within a plant community. Understanding and managing plant community succession is a critical factor in the development of any successful wildlife habitat management plan.

Management contracts will be short-term ranging from one to five years. A one-time payment will be made to the cooperator following implementation of the management activity. Once again, specifications for these activities will be flexible to allow decisions to be made on a case-by-case basis after assessing site needs and the objectives of the cooperator.

WILD Nebraska is a multi-partner private lands program administered by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. If you would like to restore or enhance wildlife habitat on your landcontact a wildlife biologistin your area. Following are examples of restoration and enhancement projects completed through WILD Nebraska.

Project Title Partners* Project Description
Grazing Improvement/Grassland Restoration NGPC, USFWS, TBNRD, PF Install rotational grazing system, control smooth brome, re-seed native grasses and forbs.
Platte River Slough Restoration NGPC, USFWS, NAS Remove woody vegetation, excavate silt, create shallow water habitat.
High Diversity Prairie Restoration NGPC, USFWS, PPRI Seed cropland back to a high diversity mix of native grasses and forbs, install cross-fencing for rotational grazing.
Wetland Vegetation Management Project NGPC, USFWS, RWBJV, NRCS Use a heavy disk to control cattail and reed canary grass.
The Central Basins Natural Resource Project CREP NGPC, USDA, DEQ, PF Improve environmental quality related to agricultural use
Hunting by Written Permission Only NGPC Provides sportsmen with additional walk-in hunting oppurtunities
Special EQIP Wildlife Habitat Opportunities NGPC, NRCS, Various NRDs Ground and Surface Water Conservation
* Partner Acronyms:Nebraska Game & Parks Commission (NGPC), United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Pheasants Forever (PF), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), Ducks Unlimited (DU), National Audubon Society (NAS), Prairie Plains Resource Institute (PPRI).

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