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Are you looking for a very good (top rated) general contractor you can trust, who serves in your area? Over the past ten years our company has provided expert advice, low prices and professional services for keeping homes or apartment building businesses sealed from all weather conditions. We also build gorgeous outdoor decks or driveway bridges, balconies, or we can entirely make over rooms. We approach each job—small to large—with the philosophy and practice of doing it right the first time and doing it extraordinarily well. Many of our clients come to us after they’ve worked with other companies that didn’t do a very good job. And we always work with our clients to give budget friendly prices. We are so accomplished and reliable that we’re the construction company called to perform delicate and demanding historical building services work. (Or other challenging architectural building jobs.) Our clients often tell us we’re the best general contractor (contracting company) they’ve worked with—ever.

Our company’s wide range of knowledge includes the unique skills to reengineer existing situations, or to do tricky historical jobs. At times we salvage existing windows or doors and refit them with time-proven metal flashings. This careful approach meets the clients’ needs and simultaneously remains sensitive to critical or aesthetic architectural details. We are also experienced in restoration work.

Dry rot or wet rot in your home or building? Seeing dry rot or wet rot or other damaging conditions? Call us very soon for our repair services: rapid, affordable and we are the most experienced experts to repair and eliminate these conditions.

For the highest quality contractor services, including historical or demanding architecture, call us today. Oakland. El Cerrito. Berkeley. Albany. Moraga. Orinda. Alameda County. CA. California.

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